Printed labels

Rotation printed labels, screen printed labels, care- and content labels. All our labels have a good quality, are eye catching, very durable and effective.

Printed labels and more

Washing instructions, care and material composition can be printed on many kinds of fabrics. You can have up to six colors on both front and back side of the label. The big advantage is, we use ink that can withstand both dry cleaning and regular washing. Weaving techniques can also be used for labels with specific purposes.

Printed labels have more impact if you use all the color alternatives that are available.  These labels are normally placed on the inside of the garment. The purpose of these labels is to inform the consumer of specific washing instructions and material composition. Adding your company logo to the care label extends your brand image.

It all starts with an Idea.

You looking for something else ? Express us your wishes, we are always interested in your ideas. Together we can create new possibilities for the "Label the Brand' philosophy.

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