We also supply a wide range of products like diaries, brochures, key chain, image brochures and all kinds of merchandising goods. We supply fast and at competitive prices.

Bags and boxes

Luxury paper bags
These paper bags are the most luxurious paper bags which are available. These paper bags like to show themselves. What could be better than your customer carrying the newly purchased garments in this fancy paper bag?

Budget paper bags
If you want a paper bag but do not want to spend a lot of money, this budget paper bag is ideal for you. These bags are made from white or brown Kraft paper. This Kraft paper will give your budget paper bag an ecological look.

Set-up boxes
These rigid set-up boxes are made of heavy cardboard, they feature a magnetic catch on the front flap keeps the box securely shut and allows the box to be opened and closed easily. By giving this box an even more luxurious look, you can add a satin ribbon or put your logo at the top.

Pillow boxes
The pillow boxes are folded and therefore set very quickly. Perfect to use as gift wrapping for example, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, perfume-bottles and gift-certificates.


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