Leather labels

Leather labels are an excellent way to emphasize quality and elevate your brand. Especially a leather label suits denim. Fenka constantly develops and manufactures outstandingly innovative and creative concept ranges. We demonstrate the latest materials and techniques in all areas of labeling.

Leather "Label the Brand"

Since Levi’s first created the patch, it has become a powerful branding tool.

Major international denim brands use our “label the Brand”  for quality and a variety of authentic leather, synthetic, paper and planet-friendly options.

Jacron is a unique paper material with a leather‑like look.
It withstands industrial washes, passes needle detectors, and does not tear.

Excellent for printing, it can accommodate lots of detail and easily matches PMS colors. Jacron paper can also be embossed.

It all starts with an Idea.

You looking for something else ? Express us your wishes, we are always interested in your ideas. Together we can create new possibilities for the "Label the Brand' philosophy.

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