Heat transfers

Heat transfers or tagless labels are popular in the apparel industry because of the ability to create a clean finished look on the product. We deliver Heat-transfers for the textile industry. Our transfers are used in a wide variety of markets from Balls to T-Shirts to pants pocketing and Tents. Although we use the term ‘heat-transfer’ to describe our product, our heat- transfer is unique as it is manufactured with a proprietary ink formula that is different from traditional plastisol based or digital heat transfers. This unique ink is what separates our transfer from those of our competitors.

Tagless labels

Heat transfers are made by silk screening onto transfer paper. These type of tagless labels can be adhered to most natural and synthetic materials, make sure when ordering you know the exact fabric they will be placed on. There are just a few products you can use heat transfers on: apparel, fabric, hats, bags, wood and metal. Heat transfers can be made up to five colors.

Since 1986 Fenka has been delivering transfers for many diverse markets. Our transfers are today eco-friendly and free of harmful phthalates and lead. Our ink is superior to all other types of ink in its durability, feel and finish.

We can add a sensor mark onto the transfer. The customer will need to provide the specs required from the heat press for proper placement of the sensor mark.

We always advise you how to adapt the transfer to your clothing.

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