Hangtags & Seals

Nowadays tags can be pure artwork. They can be made to almost any specification for example with eyelets, canvas parts, stitching and different qualities of cords and other various materials.

Tags and more

High profile brands use hang tags to enhance their products.  Our design team and the almost limitless possibilities which can be offered gives you the opportunity to create the optimal “Label the Brand” feeling.

Barcode systems getting more and more important. We are  able to offer retailers barcode-ready products.

Barcode integrated solution save time, money and extra processes. Price tags are not the most exciting things in the world but our modern machinery offers almost limitless options of colour and design.

It all starts with an Idea.

You looking for something else ? Express us your wishes, we are always interested in your ideas. Together we can create new possibilities for the "Label the Brand' philosophy.

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