Fenka started in 1986, now 34 years ago, we were the first company who started with the “One-stop supplier” principle. We manage to grow to a worldwide business with own offices and warehouses in Hong Kong, India, Europe and Turkey.  We know the time with enormous growth but also the time when the market was tough and hard. We learned to adapt in different ways and after 34 years we are still in de branding business

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A unique innovation and custom made design solution  “Label the brand”. Our international design team creates brand identity through their innovative design philosophy, creative mindset, dedication and craftsmanship. This enables us to translate your ideas combined with the current trends, creating your brand identity.

Our production is of high quality and to assure this, we always deliver samples for your approval. To make sure you get exactly what you want. We are flexible and providing your brand the best attention.

Working flow

Our local presence in the main production countries is of great advantage for every brand. They all get a local service in their own language and we can deliver on a day to day basis, with invoicing and payment in their local currency.

We have a flexible approach to production and warehousing, we design our supply chain to meet the specific needs of our customers. Smooth, fast and efficiënt.  Our B2B shop is for “easy Ordering”.  Ordering via our B2B shop gives you full control of your orders and gives you insight of all your label movements in the world with just one click.

We are fully aware of our responsibility to the world.  All our production units are: FSC Certified – REACH Compliant – OEKO Tex Certified – BSCI Member.

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Jeans Brand

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Brandname with a lot of colour

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Surf and Casual brand

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Monkey King

Wraistband company

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Jeans brand

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Jeans item

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Blue Fire co

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Villa Bong

Surf & Casual brand

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No Number

Nice gymmick label

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Belt Brand

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Jeans Brand

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It all starts with an Idea.

You looking for something else ? Express us your wishes, we are always interested in your ideas. Together we can create new possibilities for the "Label the Brand' philosophy.

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