Our aim is to enable end consumers to identify genuine and counterfeit branded products, quick and easily irrespective of their geographical location. It’s not only a technology break-through, it also has various benefits which can help you to create a difference and awareness.

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Authentic or counterfeit?

Most of the current day security technologies requires expertise or special tools to help identify the authenticity of a product. Other technologies, such as holograms or QR-codes are easy to replicate and reproduce. Until now there has not been a convenient, yet secure way for the end consumer to confidently authenticate a genuine product before purchasing it. CertiEye is doing this all automatically for you.

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Certi-Eye app

CertiEye is a brand new superior technology which can provide brand protection and brand marketing information. The CertiEye app is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.
Anyone who has a smartphone with the CertiEye app installed can authenticate the Certi-mark anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to the highly optimized algorithms and the high speed of smartphone processors & networks, the authentication results can be obtained promptly. Assuring the end consumer, if the product they are about to purchase either is a genuine or a fake article!


For customers

1. Scan the label  with your smartphone
2. Check if it is “authentic or counterfeit”

For Brand owners

3. Tracking and scanning behavior alerts in portal
4.  Marketing info registration platform.

The Advantages

– Defends the reputation of a brand and gives assurance to customers before / after purchasing
– Connects the clients to marketing information
– Analyzes customer behavior
– Sends targeted promotions to prospects / customers

It all starts with an Idea.

You looking for something else ? Express us your wishes, we are always interested in your ideas. Together we can create new possibilities for the "Label the Brand' philosophy.

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