Meet a company specialized in revealing your true colors by generating outstanding corporate labels. In labeling the brand we can create and produce all necessary items which can be used to identify your brand. Attached and combined it will flag and justify your brand, its origin, the brand-owners, the authenticity, and its destination.

We are fully specialized in labeling your brand. We design, rethink, create and produce on any required material thinkable. We take pride in our long-term customer-relationship and its diverse co-creative projects. At Fenka we are convinced that you can only label a brand by being part of the brand. We are always looking to improve our self in becoming your team member instead of just your supplier.


  • Quality

    We strongly believe quality is the key and should reflect the brand image. Production procedures are in place to ensure the quality standards.

  • Production

    We always provide samples, after your approval we will start the production.

  • Caring about enviroment

    Fenka/Nilorn is strongly involved in social responsible production. A BSCI certificate indicates proper conditions are used.

  • Logistics

    Fenka/Nilorn operates in 6 regions. We have logistics centers in Bangladesh, Turkey, India, Hong Kong, China and Europe. With these centers we cover the majority of the worlds textile production areas.

Brands of the world